Claudio Lo Riso | PROJECTS - Claudio Lo Riso


Residenza City Living

Felicità Residence

Ville Panorama

River Residence

Ventaglio Residence

Viganello 57 Residence

Luna Residence

Lugano White House

Rebecca Residence

Macheda Residence

San Giorgio Residence

Complesso Maron

Marghignani Villa

Geretta Palace

Residential Complex in Neggio

Le Terrazze Residence

Candrian Residence

Villa Castagnola

Chopard House

Porza Villa

Fernandez House

Single-Family House Ruvigliana

Via Trevano Residence

Cureglia Residence

Robbiani House

Pasta Villa

Campus 22

Residenza Ottenbach

Palazzo Maurice

Planet Wellness Village

Ascona Palace

Restoration of S. Martino and Bernardino Church

My Fair C

My Fair A-B

Paradise Residence

Bank in Chiasso

Poggiolo Residence

Bank in Paradiso

Castello Residence

The Patio Residence

La Lanchetta

Le Colline Residence

Villa Montagnola

Volpe residence

Erbagan House

L’Ulivo Residence

Catena House

Service Area in Coldrerio

Commercial and administrative center in Melano

Stabile FEAT

Villa Comano

Gym in Chiasso

Villa D’Onofrio

Villa Crippa

Villa Mazzoleni

Three Houses in Viganello

Colombo House

Rouh Residence

Stabile San Lorenzo

Franchetti House