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Viganello 57 Residence

VIGANELLO 57 in Viganello

It is the first apartment building of the architect Lo Riso, in which the white split brick is used as cladding material for the facades, which until now has been a peculiar characteristic of the villa projects. In this case, despite the fact that the height of the building is considerably higher compared to a villa, the string-course bands contribute to give lightness and geometric regularity to the design of the fa├žades.

The building is spread over 7 floors with a total of 18 apartments all facing the west. The vehicle access to the building is through the Ceresio street on the east side, with the possibility of reaching the external parking spaces adjacent to the building or the basement floor through a ramp, where we find the garage with covered parking spaces.

On the garage floor there are also bicycle rooms, equipment rooms for the heating system, cellars and the bomb shelter.

The pedestrian access is from the east side, where we find the entrance to the building, easily accessible to disabled people.

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