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River Residence


Surrounded by an intensive residential plot, the River Residence distinguishes itself from the surrounding houses for its expressive form, capable of breaking the rigid and repetitive housing style.

The new project is located between Ceresio street, one of the main roads of Lugano and Boschina street, respectively on the east and west side and pedestrian have access on both streets, thus ensuring an easy entrance to the residence. The project starts from a residential program distributed on a regular structural grid and finds its maximum development in architectural terms in the treatment of balconies with a strong overhang, interpreted in an innovative way, capable of been detached with the seriality of the housing context.

The building is spread over 8 floors above ground for a total of 23 apartments of various sizes (from two-roomed to four-roomed) while cellars, equipment rooms and car parks are entirely spread in the basement.

The internal functional scheme of the various apartments is cushioned by the external balconies, which run along sinuous trajectories both in plan and elevation.

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