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Restoration of S. Martino and Bernardino Church


The renovation project concerns the external facades of the church and its parvis, which are degraded and in very poor condition. All external plasters were replaced by mineral plasters with the best technical characteristics and colors that respect the local tradition. Removal and replacement work was carried out on the tinsmithery, which was added to spots which did not have. In addition, a renovation work of the parvis is also carried out, which involves completely rearranging the existing porphyry pavement, the removal of the nuts, the restoration of the underlying layers and the subsequent re-use of the previously removed nuts; the flooring is renewed using slabs in Iragna (local stone already available along the access path to the church); the planting of five new olive trees was carried out, which together with the five already present were positioned according to the new layout of the parvis; in addition, the new project was enhanced by the use of a lighting system that guarantees excellent visibility of all the facades and the bell tower; the cemetery column at the entrance to the parvis was carefully restored and the altar placed on the façade were removed, waiting for a new one with the location still to be decided; the entrance gates of the church and bell tower have been subjected to a conservative renovation aimed at restoring these structures to their original state and the frames have been replaced; the bell tower has been equipped with three clocks placed on the three facades still free; eight rectangular benches with a lighting pole have been positioned.

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