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Poggiolo Residence


The land is located on the south-east slope at the heart of Porza, in Poggiolo street. The map is part of the residential area and has a beautiful view of Lake Lugano. The project involves the construction of four apartments divided into two units, one downstream and one upstream. All four apartments have a communal vehicle entrance to the valley, along the Poggiolo street and individual pedestrian entrance along the northern border of the land. The two buildings have an “L” shape and are located in the northern part of the ground, so as to leave the southern part of the garden and the lake view free.
The living area is perpendicular to the level curves so as to make better use of the panoramic view while the sleeping area is parallel to the level curves, in order to create a flat garden area or panoramic balcony in front of the rooms.
The entrance vehicle runs along the Poggiolo street for a few metres until you are in front of a small square with pedestrian access to the four apartments and the entrance door for the internal parking lots.
Two elevators allow direct connection to each floor, with cellars and equipment rooms located in the connection area between the two blocks.