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Luna Residence


The layout of the construction site, steeply sloping, accommodates the designof the Luna Villa characterized by a single central body with a circular shape that acts as the organizational fulcrum of the entire area.
The villa is spread over 3 floors with living and sleeping areas facing the West and with the service area oriented towards the East.
The vehicle and pedestrian access to the residence is through the Bassone Street on the west side, directly from the basement where there are four parking spaces. In the latter, there are also equipment rooms for the heating system and swimming pool, the cellars and a laundry room with a drying rack, washing machine and dryer.
The upper levels are made up of the living and sleeping areas on the ground floor and first floor respectively, a total of 4.5 rooms.
The living area is characterized by a large living room and dining area that directly overlooks the large terrace, an open kitchen, a bathroom and a wine cellar;
The sleeping area has four bedrooms, two of which have a master bathroom, all with access to the semi-circular terrace.
The various levels are connected by a semi-circular staircase block and a lift.
In the garden in front of the living area there is an infinity pool on three sides.

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