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Macheda Residence


The narrow sediments and steep slopes are the generating elements of the project idea that envisages the construction of four terraced blocks, with six stepped houses.
This particular conformation of the design enables all levels to enjoy the splendid view of Lake Lugano.
In the first block parallel to Minigera street, we find the entrance of the entire residential complex with 4 outdoor parking spaces and the entrance with the staircase and lift that permit direct access to the first three apartments.
On the first floor, the structure consists of two apartments, while the ground floor houses an apartment with a large roof garden and a mini pool. The first ground floor can be accessed with a lift from Minigera street or with a ramp on the north side that leads directly to the covered parking spaces.On the second basement floor, we find the entrance to the second block with the first duplex apartment with a large roof garden and a mini-swimming pool. An internal staircase allows access to the sleeping area. On the third floor, there is a corridor along which there are cellars and a bomb shelter, connecting the first staircase to the second with a lift.
On the fourth and fifth basement floors, there is an entrance to the second duplex apartment with a roof garden and a mini-swimming pool, an internal staircase leads to the sleeping area that houses a large terrace with panoramic views.
Descending to the seventh basement floor we find a panoramic terrace with a swimming pool and a garden.

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