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Lugano White House


The layout of the site, steeply sloping, accommodates the design of the residence inspired by the important villas of the lakes. The main structure, located in the centre of the site and parallel to the level curves, serves as the organizational fulcrum of the entire area. Completely white, the White House acquires this characteristic through the use of a white split brick facade cladding.
There are two volumes that make up this design. The first, most important, houses the apartments and is composed of two main buildings: one in the shape of an eye that houses the living spaces and the other, lower, triangular in shape that becomes a terrace and garden and contains at the last level the equipment rooms. The second volume, detached from the previous one, houses the villa.
On the ground level, there is access to the living area of two duplexes arranged specularly with respect to an axis that cuts across the building. A lake view of the terrace is accessible from both through a window system. On level -1 is the sleeping area of the duplexes, which can both be accessed internally by means of an internal staircase and from the common central staircase. Three bedrooms each with a bathroom, make up the sleeping area. From the latter, it is possible to directly access the terrace where a masonry diaphragm acts as a filter between inside and outside.
On level -2 a single large apartment on the entire floor. In the centre, the living area overlooks the triangular terrace, while the kitchen with the pantry and cellar are located on the sides of the staircase. Side by side to the living room are the four bedrooms with bathrooms. The structure of the terrace recalls the shape of a spur projected towards the splendid panoramic view. Also on the -3 level, there is a single apartment whose living room stretches out towards the lake below the -2 level terrace. To the right and left of the living area, you can access the natural stone terrace that borders the large central swimming pool. On level -4 the equipment rooms have been set up.
The annex’s volume ranges from the ground level-3. From the entrance square, it is possible to access the garage equipped with covered parking spaces on the roof of the annex. The lower levels are divided into residential spaces. You can access the levels below using a ladder and lift. On level -1 there are bedrooms, a total of three, each with bathroom facilities, while on level -2 there are day rooms. The last floor houses the equipment rooms and a bomb shelter. In the part of the garden in front of the annex, there is a swimming pool.

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