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Geretta Palace


The site, the subject of the project, is located at the intersection of Geretta street and Zorzi street in Lugano Paradise, with road access to the property nearby and of primary importance, in particular, the motorway junction of Lugano – South. From this point of view, the creation of the “New Cultural Palace Centre” moves Lugano’s centre of gravity westwards along the lakefront, making both commercial and administrative spaces and the apartments proposed by the project increasingly interesting. The construction of the Geretta palace takes place in close synergy with the remodeling of the square in front of it, which includes “the Oratory of Geretta”, making the entire project a unique event in the municipality of Paradise. The modern architectural design of the fa├žades corresponds to the internal function; the openings of the first three floors mark the commercial and office areas with a regular rhythm of openings, while from the 3rd to the 8th floor an irregular rhythm highlights the residential part of the building, both with the glass parapets and with the difference of the openings.