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Chopard House

CHOPARD HOUSE in Bellinzona

The area in which the Chopard house building project stands arises from the partition of a large plot of land belonging to an old villa. The land located on the hillside area of Daro above the town of Bellinzona, is characterized by a natural terracing facing south-west towards the castle of Monte Bello. The access to the two properties is through the municipal road downstream and the new private road that leads to the western boundary of the building.
The project concerns the construction of a single-family house located along the north-east boundary of the area and structured in two volumes (home and parking spaces) located at the extremity of the area and connected by a covered passage. This link, in addition to creating a filter between the public space (entrance square) and the private space (garden) marks the pedestrian entrance to the house.
On the ground floor, there is the living area with a kitchen, dining room and living room, which open to the south-west on a porch and a large flat garden. On the first level, there are three rooms with two bathrooms located along the entrance corridor and staircase. On the second level, a large open library area allows you to enjoy the surrounding greenery and enjoy a wide panorama that overlooks the three castles of Bellinzona. In the small basement, there are the equipment rooms, with a cellar, laundry and heating room.