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Single-Family House Ruvigliana


The land located on the southern side of Monte Bré, about 400 metres above sea level, is characterized by a steep slope and a wonderful panoramic view of Lake Lugano.
The project concerns the construction of a holiday home located upstream of the area parallel to the level curves, with access downstream. A beautiful terraced vineyard surrounds the northern boundary of the land and the entire built-up area.
The entrance to the building is characterized by two large pillars that mark the underground entrance from the house, thus linking the building to the access road and at the same time to the entire plot. At this level, there are two parking spaces and all the equipment rooms. On the living room level, the fireplace marks the axis of the house with a large glass window that delimits the external space of the covered terrace. On the second floor, the two bedrooms are divided by a large bathroom on the axis of the building. The staircase leads to the roof level where a large open space allows you to enjoy yourself between the green of the terraced vineyard and Lake Lugano.